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Our Story / Our Responsibility

We place great importance in making our customers happy and being happy at work.

Our work has been based on providing different food products to the public since 1944. When we work, we take the best crops, process them, and provide them to people in the best way possible.

For us, sustainability is as much about making the earth happy as it is about making people happy. Sustainability means keeping earth alive to leave wheat crops for the future, and keeping people happy so they can be productive. It means leaving "a good world" for our children. It also means the investments we make today for tomorrow for a better world and happier people, as we run our business. It is ensuring the happiness of the people of tomorrow with these investments. To us, it also means that people are happy in a healthy environment with our products.

We place sustainability in the center of our business operations, and strive to leave a happy world to future generations. Within the context of this vision, we:

  • Believe, based on our philosophy of corporate citizenship that one of our primary responsibilities is to provide solutions for the public's needs in education, sports, culture and art, and related fields.
  • Take ownership of and protect the earth we grow crops on alongside our producers.
  • Create an environment where we offer our stakeholders equal opportunities, and where diversity can flourish. We carry out skill programs that contribute to the prosperity and professional development of our employees, and we cover great distances by learning through the "us" culture.
  • Launch programs that promote a balanced diet and physical activity by upholding a transparent and responsible way of communication. We take our competitive power from our culture of innovation and industry-leading applications.

Our Sustainability Reports in which we explain our sustainability work.