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Ülker Bisküvi Announced Its Fourth Quarter 2015 Financial Results

Mr. Mehmet Tutuncu, Chief Executive Officer of Ulker, commented about the performance of Company:

The successful results that were delivered in 2015 mainly derived from accurate planning and carefully but rapidly taking actions.

Despite challenges in 2015, Ülker Bisküvi improved its operating performance: Ülker increased its sales by 6% in 2015 and closed the year with a turnover of TL 3.1 billion. Ülker’s profit also increased by 23% over the same period, rising to TL 260 million from TL 212 million.

Our strategic actions also had a positive impact on our success:

We aimed to maintain an affordable price range for our consumers during the 2015 period.

We kept our consumer relationships fresh, launching our new products while maintaining the quality and success of existing products.

We implemented models that will increase efficiency and savings across our value chain.

We developed relevant partnerships with retail channels.

We planned ahead and took fast action.

We reinforced our customers' longstanding trust in Ülker, thanks to the efforts of our employees who consistently strive for an outstanding performance.

The financial and operational successes we achieved by the end of the year indicate that Ülker has a solid foundation for sustainable and profitable growth despite the challenging conditions it has faced. Creating consistency across the value chain in order to achieve efficiency and our shared objectives is essential for sustaining this kind of growth.


While we are in investing in sustainability, we target to maximize shareholder value by managing intangible assets including our human capital, brand and reputation value, and innovation culture.