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Company Overview

Ülker Bisküvi launched its operations 70 years ago in a small workshop in Eminönü, Istanbul, with only six or seven boilers, a small oven and three employees. Yet it is now the flagship of Yıldız Holding by both sales volume and profitability.

At its plants in Istanbul, Ülker Bisküvi produces chocolate (Topkapı), chocolate and chocolate-coated biscuits (Silivri), biscuits (Gebze), and cakes (Esenyurt). Ülker Bisküvi also produces biscuits at its Ankara plant, biscuits, cakes, crackers and chocolate at its Karaman plant biscuits and cakes in Egypt as well as chocolate, biscuits and cakes in Saudi Arabia as well as biscuits and cakes in Egypt. As a global food giant serving the national and international markets with its 330 kinds of biscuits and crackers, Ülker Bisküvi is the undisputable leader of the industry. In 1996, Ülker Bisküvi received International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9002 certification for quality standards in production, and in 2001 was awarded by Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification for quality standards in food safety. The company consolidated its success in quality control by receiving the top “A” rating from the BRC Global Standards in 2002, a leading Europe-based safety and quality certification firm.

As Türkiye’s largest food company, Ülker recognized 3.92 billion TL in sales revenue in 2016. During this period, Ülker's net profit distributable to the parent company increased to 230 million TL from 292 million TL from the same period last year. Ülker was able to maintain its strong financial structure with such results.

Ülker Quality in Global Markets

Thanks to its professional and experienced research and development (R&D) team, Ülker Bisküvi continues to excel in innovation. Ülker Bisküvi is one of the most in-demand food brands thanks to this innovative concept.

Ülker Bisküvi successfully represents Türkiye’s approach to quality on a global scale. Ülker exports its products to Middle East, Central Asian republics, Europe, Africa and the United States. Ülker Bisküvi has an effective quality control system that injects synergy into the entire process; from production through to consumption. The company's continuous investment is based upon a strategy that is focused on both sustainable and profitable growth.

Ülker and “Happy Moments”

Since 1944 and for three generations, Ülker's “Happy Moments” have remained in everyone’s memory.

Surveys conducted in recent years attest to the high level of brand loyalty Ülker enjoys. In Nielsen's 2011 brands survey, Ülker was ranked first in the biscuits category, came second in the category of brands with the highest "consumer affinity," and was named third in the category of brands which first “come to mind.” For its biscuit production alone Ülker Bisküvi was in 2015 ranked 65th in the "Türkiye's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises" survey, published by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI).

Pasifik Pazarlama and Horizon – which are owned by Yıldız Holding – are responsible for the domestic distribution of the biscuits, cakes, chocolate-coated products, and chocolates produced by Ülker Bisküvi and its subsidiaries. Export sales are conducted through Istanbul Gıda, which is a %100 owned subsidiary of Ulker Biskuvi.