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Vision, Mission, Strategy


The vision of Ülker Bisküvi is to further strengthen its status as the consumer's brand of choice, and within the next 10 years to be one of the top five companies globally.


All companies affiliated with Yıldız Holding, including our company, were founded with the belief that every child has the right to a good childhood, regardless of the country he/she lives in.


In the area of productivity, we aim to:

  • Become the most productive company in all segments of the industry, 
  • Boost product quality through operational efficiency efforts and slash production costs,
  • Achieve further efficiency and productivity in distribution channels and sales points by cutting sales costs.

In brand investments, we aim to:

  • Offer our powerhouse brands to consumers at reasonable prices, 
  • Ensure the continuity of our brand investments,
  • Launch of new and strong products,
  • Achieve success in innovation and lead higher demand&consumption.

Within the context of Strategy, we aim to: 

  • Increase our operating profit by achieving higher sales volumes and revenues in biscuit, chocolate and cake operations, 
  • Expand to become a strong regional player,
  • Acquisition of Food Manufacturing Company in Saudi Arabia, and aim to position the facility as the region’s main production center to create synergies and rapid access to fast growing Middle Eastern markets,
  • Acquisition of Egyptian Company for Advanced Food Industry (Hi-Food) in Egypt, where the market grows gradually, and aim to position the facility as the North Africa region’s main production center, 
  • Acquisition of Hamle in Kazakhstan, and aim to strategically position the facility to serve the consumers in fast growing markets in Central Asia, Russia, and China,
  • Increase of already high brand perception in Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, and Türkiye
  • Serving new consumers in wide geography,
  • Implement and maintain good corporate governance practices at the highest level,
  • Achieve strong results that will satisfy all stakeholders.