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Godiva (19.2%)

Following a sale agreement signed in December 2007, Godiva – the world’s leading premium chocolate brand – was officially purchased on March 18, 2008. Ülker Bisküvi currently owns 19.23 percent of Godiva.

Godiva was established in Brussels in 1926 by chocolate master Joseph Draps. The company takes its name from the legendary story and personality of Lady Godiva, and has been producing premium chocolate products for 80 years. The Godiva brand serves its customers through 601 stand-alone stores and 10,000 sales locations worldwide. It has more than 60 products, ranging from premium chocolates to biscuits, from coffee to cocoa, from cakes and chocolate bars to chocolate drinks.

In 1972 Godiva opened its first store in the United States on New York’s Fifth Avenue, and the company currently offers its products to chocolate lovers throughout four geographic regions. These include North America, Japan, the Pacific region and Europe.

The recent rapid global increase in biscuit and chocolate combination products has made a big impact on Ülker Bisküvi’s partnership with Godiva of 19.23 percent. This partnership is an important breakthrough for Ülker Bisküvi, helping to share experiences and achieve international synergies.

Hi-Food For Advanced Food Industries (S.A.E.) (51.4%)

Hi-Food For Advanced Food Industries (“The Company”) founded in January 15th, 2004 in Egypt.

The main purpose of the company is to manage the plant located in Egypt and produce, sale and export of confectionery products.

Food Manufacturers Company (55%)

Food Manufacturers Company is a limited liability company registered in Saudi Arabia under Commercial Registration number 4030129264 dated Shawal 18, 1420H (corresponding to 25 January 2000). The objectives of the Company are the production of Chocolates, Biscuits and Cake according to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry License No. X/1667 dated Jumada Al-Tani 23, 1428H (corresponding to 8 July 2007).

Hamle Ltd LLP (100%)

Bought in 2017 from Maia International B.V. which is 100% owned by Yıldız Holding A.Ş.. Biscuit, cake and coated chocolate production is carried out at the factory located in Kirgizstan to make exportation to the market and the countries in the region.

UI MENA - Amir Global (100%)


In line with its strategy, Ülker Bisküvi bought, in 2017, UI Mena BV company the only shareholder of Amir Global Trading FZE, which has distribution/production rights of the United Biscuits Limited products in Saudi Arabia, Middle East and North Africa.