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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide a brief background of Ülker Bisküvi Sanayi A.Ş.?

The core business of Ülker Bisküvi Sanayi A.Ş. – which was established in Istanbul in 1944 – is the production of biscuits, cakes, chocolate, crackers, chocolate-coated biscuits and wafers.

When did Ülker Bisküvi become a publicly traded company?

Ülker Bisküvi became a publicly traded company on December 31, 2003 following its merger with Anadolu Gıda Sanayi A.Ş., which has been traded on the Borsa Istanbul (BIST) since October 30, 1996. Ülker Bisküvi’s BIST ticker is ULKER.IS.

What is the shareholding structure of Ülker Bisküvi? What is its free float rate?

Please click here for the shareholding structure.

Who are the members of Ülker Bisküvi's Board of Directors? Are there any independent members on the board?

The company’s Board of Directors consists of nine members, three of whom are independent. Please click here for their resumes.

What is the paid-in capital of Ülker Bisküvi?

The paid-in capital of Ülker Bisküvi is at the nominal value of 342,000,000 TL. The number of registered shares amounts to 342,000,000, each with a nominal value of 1 TL.

How often does Ülker Bisküvi disclose its financial results?

Ülker Bisküvi announces its financial results quarterly.

Where can I find financial information about Ülker Bisküvi?

Please click here for financial information.

Who are Ülker Bisküvi's subsidiaries?

The details of Ülker Bisküvi’s fully consolidated subsidiaries, their areas of operation and direct/indirect capital ratios are as follows: Please click here for subsidiaries.

Where are Ülker Bisküvi’s production facilities located?

Ülker Bisküvi's production facilities are located in Istanbul, Kocaeli and Ankara. Biskot Bisküvi, a subsidiary, has plants in Karaman and Istanbul. Ülker Çikolata has its plant in Istanbul. In addition Hi-Food has a facility in Egypt and FMC has a facility in Saudi Arabia.

When was the 2016 Ordinary General Assembly held? How can I access the meeting minutes?

In accordance with company policy, ordinary general assemblies are held within the time periods specified in the legislation. The Ordinary General Assembly for the year 2016 was held on March 31, 2017. Please click here for information on the assembly.

Has Ülker Bisküvi distributed dividends in 2017?

In 2017, Ülker Bisküvi distributed from the 2016 profit the gross amount of 64.000.000 TL as dividend in cash.

What is Ülker Bisküvi's dividend distribution policy?

Please click here for the dividend distribution policy.

What is Ülker Bisküvi’s approach to corporate governance principles?

Ülker Bisküvi is managed in accordance with its corporate governance principles. The Corporate Governance Committee and the Risk Management Committees report directly to the Board of Directors. Please click here to access the Corporate Governance Principles Compliance Report.

What are the policies adopted by Ülker Bisküvi?

Please click here to access all the policies adopted by Ülker Bisküvi.

How may I contact Ülker Bisküvi’s Investor Relations team?

You may reach our Investor Relations team via the email address:

What is the address of Ülker Biscuits’s headquarters?

Ülker Bisküvi Headquarters : Kısıklı Mah. Ferah Cad. No:1 Büyük Çamlıca Üsküdar, İstanbul, TURKEY.