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Ülker Bisküvi Announced Its Fourth Quarter & FY 2014 Financial Results

Mr. Mehmet Tutuncu, Chief Executive Officer of Ulker, commented about the performance of Company:

We achieved to end 2014 with successful results, where we also celebrated our 70th year anniversary. Our revenue grew by 5.2% to TL 2.891 mn which is a noteworthy growth considering tough conditions in the global markets in 2014. In previous year, input costs mainly cocoa prices which is a key ingredient in our operations elevated significantly. In the mean time volatility in currencies along with political and social unrest in neighborhood countries where Ulker exports were other key concerns in 2014. Despite all these developments, we accomplished to grow revenue as well as net profit in line with our assumptions.

In 2014, we divested our stakes in İstanbul Gıda, Birleşik Ticaret ve Rekor Pazarlama. Even tough this transaction resulted a lower sales revenue for the first year, it will assist to grow profitably in the years ahead. In addition to that, we increased our stake in Biskot by 30%. Ulker has a well developed financial and operational structure. We will continue to add value to our consumers, clients and all stakeholders through costumer centric, competitive, efficient and innovative approach of ours.

Following the initiation and implementation of cost and investment policies in 2014, we foresee faster growth in 2015.