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Agenda and Invitation For Ulker Biskuvi's 2014 Ordinary General Assembly

2014 Annual General Assembly wiil be held at Radisson Blu Asia Oteli, Atatürk Mahallesi Yakut Caddesi Ataşehir/İstanbul

on March 26th, 2015 at 14.00 Istanbul Time.


1. Opening and election of Meeting Chairmanship,

2. Giving authorization to Meeting Chairmanship about the sign of Ordinary General Meeting minutes,

3. Reading, discussion and approval of 2014 Activity Report prepared by the Company's Board of Directors,

4. Briefing the General Assembly on 2014 Reports as presented by Independent Audit Company,

5. Reading, discussion and approval of 2014 Financial Statements,

6. Acquittances of Board of Directors Members and Auditors separately,

7. Determination of Company Profit’s way of using, ratios of profit to be distributed and dividend shares,

8. Approval of selection of Independent Audit Company by the Board of Directors as per the Turkish Commercial Code and Capital Markets Board regulations,

9. Approval of donation policy proposed by Board of Directors,

10. Briefing the General Assembly in accordance with the Capital Markets Board’s regulation on donations made by the Company in 2014, and resolving the donations to be made in 2015

11. Briefing the General Assembly on any Guarantees, Pledges and Mortgages issued by the Company in favor of third persons for the year 2014, in accordance with the regulations laid down by the Capital Markets Board,

12. Determination of monthly remunerations of Board of Directors,

13. Briefing General Assembly with regards the transactions done with the ‘’Related Parties’’ within the scope of CMB’s Corporate Governance Compliance Principles and other related arrangements,

14. Granting authority to Members of Board of Directors according to Articles 395 and 396 of Turkish Commercial Code