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Innovation for Sustainability

We place as much importance on innovation as we do on our society and the environment. This is because we always strive to better serve our customers. We know that innovation is a must to continuously create added value.

In line with our G0AL21 goals we are working to develop innovative projects with high added value to provide the best and the newest. We use innovation as a tool to improve our social and environmental performance on the path to our 2024 Sustainability Goals. We are providing more employment in research and development area and increasing our research expenditures to encourage innovation in line with the Ninth Sustainable Development Goal.

With the leadership provided by our R&D team, which has constantly been growing over the last five years, we are managing our innovation processes with the contributions of all our departments, from marketing to production and from the supply chain to sales. In addition to this, the pladis Türkiye Chocolate R&D Department has achieved an “R&D Center” certificate from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and we have completed our preparations for the Baked Goods R&D Center. With the incentives and grants enabled by the R&D Center status, we will extend our capabilities even further and continue to provide our customers and consumers with the best products and services.

“Succeeding in innovations that create demand” comprises an important part of our strategy. Our R&D and innovation strategies enable us to expand our product range and reach more consumers on a global and local scale. Thus, we are able to contribute to fulfilling the needs and expectations of stakeholders and thereby increase our competitive edge. By developing innovative processes, we make our operations more efficient and lower resource consumption.

We strive constantly to increase our focus on customers and our philosophy of innovation. We conduct tests in order to continuously check the quality of our current products, compare the consumer insights and quality of competing products, and improve our products that have room for improvement. We conduct consumer tests also to determine consumer preferences and insights in the developmental stages of new and current product design.