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The Global Confectionery Player/Ülker's Firsts in the Industry

Ülker has achieved many firsts since 1944, when it produced its first biscuit. With its visionary competence, Ülker has not only become the leader in its product category but also has created work that helped the food industry compete globally.

In 1944, Ülker produced its first branded petit beurre biscuits. This first product, Ülker Pötibör, is still a consumer favorite.

  • In 1972, Ülker begins investing in a modern chocolate factory, and the factory produces the first Ülker chocolate product in 1974. Thus Ülker becomes a chocolate brand as well as a biscuit brand.
  • Ülker Biskrem, produced in 1991, becomes the first biscuit to contain a filling, and becoming a sensation as soon as it is released. It is so popular that in the years that followed, it proves itself as a standalone product.
  • Ülker, in addition to being the first incorporation in Türkiye that fabricated chocolate production,
  • It is the first Turkish company to produce chocolate with filling.
  • Ülker becomes the first company among processed food sales and production brands in Türkiye to receive the Turkish Standards Institution standard and ISO 9002 certification.
  • It is also the first Turkish member of the World Cocoa Foundation.
  • It became the first food company to get into the BIST Sustainability Index in 2015
  • Our Topkapı Chocolate factory earned the ISO 50001 Energy Management System certificate and became the first factory of the pladis Group to get certified.

Ülker was born 70 years ago with the objective of becoming an easily accessible and innovative brand that made consumers happy. The company continuously strives to ensure that the public identifies all of its brands with good taste, happiness, health, and nutrition. Ülker brands and products enrich the lives of customers.

The Ülker brand also adds value to the fields of work, operations, and other brands belonging to Yıldız Holding. Several products under more than 300 sub-brands in 49 categories, including biscuit, chocolate, candy, gum, cooking oil, and beverage products fall under the Ülker brand's roof, which is a founding brand. Ülker products are produced and delivered to the consumer without compromising quality by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and by closely keeping up with global developments.

Since the beginning, the company has placed the highest importance on quality, with an approach geared towards the taste of the Turkish population. This fact, coupled with the strength of its distribution network and the emphasis placed on communication, has played a great role in making the Ülker brand what it is today. Starting in the 1950s with radio advertisements, brand communication has become a corporate priority and played a major role in Ülker's present success. The Ülker name has always been, and still is, a guarantee for the quality of its products. Ülker has always embraced a customer-centric approach. As a result, annual brand studies rank the company among top organizations that consumers like and feel drawn to. Not just Ülker but also Dankek, Çamlıca, Bizim, Biskrem, and Cola Turka brands also are among the most popular products in their respective categories. In the most recent consumer survey conducted by Ipsos and MediaCat Ülker was found to be Türkiye’s most sincere brand regardless of any category and the sub brand Biskrem surpassed many other brands to become Türkiye’s third most sincere brand in the biscuits category. And what makes the Ülker brand stand out from other companies is revealed to be as the “trust” it inspires in consumers.

Ülker’s leadership approach includes contributing to the development of the food sector it operates in and the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals that form the agenda of global sustainability. By encouraging innovative sustainability applications with our unique sustainability approach we aim to serve as a guide to our sector.

By taking our place in indexes that evaluate sustainability performance we are documenting our work. In 2016 we maintained our position in the BIST Sustainability Index again and took our place in the FTSE4Good Developing Markets Index for the first time.

Ülker is a recognized brand all over the world, producing in 72 factories in 14 countries and exporting to more than 100 countries. This is why foreign brands prefer Ülker for strategic partnerships in Türkiye. With its partnership with globally renowned breakfast cereal producer Kellogg's in 2005, Ülker became the first brand to display its logo side by side that of Kellogg's.

Ülker strives to advance the food industry and innovate with the target of always producing tastier, higher-quality, and healthier products as one of the largest biscuit producers not only in Türkiye but in the world. It also makes efforts to fulfil its responsibility as a leading firm with the support it provides for food, health, and nutrition research.

Ülker Bisküvi became a member of the International Life Sciences Institute in June 2007 with the goal of participating in the scientific research conducted in Europe on nutrition, food technology, and food and environmental safety. Our most fundamental goal in becoming a member of ILSI was to follow international scientific studies closely and to expand our international communication network.

Ülker is the first and only Turkish company to be an ILSI Europe member. Our fundamental mission at ILSI is not only to encourage our universities to participate in these studies and help our country develop, but also to provide funds for projects that support our strategies in the food industry, as well as the packaging industry as an important complement of our sector,


ILSI Europe supports efforts to present consistent and reliable scientific answers for the interest of the industry, the government, and the academic world that benefit the public, as well as disperse scientific information to as many people as possible, and facilitating cooperative work between the industry, the state, and scientific experts from the world of academia.

Since 2015, Ülker Bisküvi has been a member of the Europe Food Information Council, which helps consumers raise their nutritional and food safety awareness, and to choose a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Ülker places importance on academic cooperation and support relationships with universities for our Research and Development work. Our parent company Yıldız Holding signed a comprehensive protocol with Istanbul Technical University (ITU) that will take on a leading role in academic and industrial development. The protocol targets launching joint academic projects that will open up new horizons in Research and Development projects and the cooperation between university and industry.