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Social Responsibility

Children and Sports Platform

Haraketli Yaşam

We have extended the support that we provided to professional sports clubs and the Turkish national teams to include youth setup and children in recent years. Ülker Basketball Festival, which we co-organized with the Turkish Basketball Federation for a period of ten years allowed for young basketball talents to be discovered. We have added new dimensions to our Football Villages and Elite Football Villages, such as TFF - Ülker Istanbul League for 13-year-old and TFF - Ülker University School Project. Our goal is to contribute to the emergence of a generation that sees sports as a part of their life and that are healthy in body and mind, We would also like to add new stars to the world of sports.

The aims of our projects for children

  • To encourage children to lead active lives;
  • To contribute to their physical, social, and cultural development,
  • To develop our investment in sports in a way that will benefit children as part of our awareness of social responsibility
  • To teach them about balanced nutrition.

We have reached 272,500 children since 2007 through joint projects with relevant federations.


TFF - Ülker University School Football: Through the cooperation we established with TFF we brought university students studying in sports academies together with elementary students. In the scope of the project the Physical Education Department students gave courses to children aged 6-10 on basic exercise, flexibility, aptitude with the ball, coordination and basic football techniques. Throughout Turkey 38,000 children received football training with the support of Ülker.

TFF – Ülker Istanbul 13 Year Old Schools League: Through the cooperation of TFF, Ülker, the Istanbul Ministry of Education Directorate and Youth Services Provincial Office a league was established in which football players under the age of 13 could play (U-13 League). In the scope of this project the football teams comprised of 10 students each from the 38 districts of Istanbul competed in the U-13 league established with the support of Ülker throughout the 2015-16 season. A total of 12,000 children participated in the organization.

TFF - Elite Football Villages: We started our Football Villages project, which aims to bring talented children from all over Turkey together on a football platform and contribute significantly to their social, cultural and personal development, in 2007. In 2016, 45 girls and 57 boys, for a total of 102 children participated in the project and the children that came to the camps not only received a more advanced level of football training but also learned about the brotherhood, gentlemanly conduct, sharing and solidarity that are in the core of football.

36 boys and 44 girls among TFF-Ülker Football Villages participants were selected for national teams in the past years. Fifty participants signed contracts with professional clubs.

What do TFF - Ülker Football Villages provide for children?

Through the expert-designed training program at the TFF Ülker Football villages, children not only develop their Football skills, but also discover the spirit of fraternity, fairness, and cooperation that lies at the essence of Football. The Football Villages:

  • Help children develop the love for the game and the spirit of fair play,
  • Aid their personality development,
  • Teach them to be a good Football player as well as a good supporter and sports lover,
  • Teach them how to control their feelings in victory and loss,
  • Teach team spirit and cooperation through experience.