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Culture and Arts Projects

As one of Turkey's largest food companies and being committed to shared value approach, we are engaged to fulfill our environmental and social responsibilities to ensure that the society and the future generations continue to lives in a happy world.

We encourage a balanced nutrition and active life. In this context, with the aim to contribute to the rise of awareness on safe food and balanced nutrition, we support various programs, projects and researches. We care to do our business in the best manner possible in the sector we operate. We are aware that this does not mean merely to grow economically. We act with the consciousness of good corporate citizenship to improve individuals' well-being and happiness and to add value to our society as part required by our shared values approach; we consider ourselves as responsible for creating deliver solutions for the needs of the society in various fields including education, sports, culture and arts.

Children's Art Workshops

For the first time in Turkey, we established children's art workshops that introduced children to the contemporary art with the aim of developing the talents of the children. Children's Art Workshops have hosted 13,000 junior artists since 2011 with the aim to equip children with a love of art and to encourage their creativity. For the first time in the world, an art expo hosted a children's workshop.

Through the workshop we opened at the Art Beat Istanbul Contemporary Art Exhibition in 2010, we introduce thousands of children to contemporary art each year through different platforms. We also offer children the chance to meet leading artists of our time, and to help them benefit from the artists' experiences at the workshops.

At the workshops most recently organized with cooperation from Contemporary Istanbul in 2014, children got the opportunity to see and learn about contemporary artwork, artists and their work through fun methods.

Ülker Children's Cinema Festival

Çocuk Sinema Şenliği

We have initiated Ülker Cinema Festival for Children Project in 2008 as a gift to give every year to the children of Turkey in April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. We wanted to expand both children’s horizons and to improve their imagination through art of cinema. With the festival, which we have organized every year for the past 9 years, we have reached 1 million children in every region of Turkey. Children who cannot go to movies due to various reasons gained an opportunity to experience the magic of cinema.

Istanbul Modern Your Thursday: In the scope of our sponsorship Istanbul Modern opens its doors for a longer period of time for free every Thursday. This way art enthusiasts can tour all the exhibits in the Istanbul Modern, participate in activities and enjoy film showings free of charge every Thursday. Also within the scope of the project free art workshops are organized for adults on one Thursday every month. “Your Thursday Artist Workshops” share the idea process and artistic experiences of a different artist each month. In this scope a communication campaign mostly on the digital platform was organized with the slogan “Sanat İyi Gelir” (Art Will Do You Good) to announce Ülker’s support to a wider audience and the prepared films reached 39.2 million showings. We have reached nearly 130,000 people with the project.

Baksı Museum Free Tuesdays: In the scope of cooperation established with the Baksı Museum visitors can visit the museum every Tuesday free of charge with free transportation provided from the city center. To date 4,069 people have visited the Baksı Museum free with Ülker’s support.

Salt Galata – Single and Many Exhibit: As Ülker we took our place among companies contributing to the Single and Many Exhibit, in which the industrialization that occurred step by step in Turkey, in 1955-1995 is looked at and through the objects that were formed with the settling of this period the independent stories of the production atmosphere of the period are examined.