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Climate Change and Energy

We are aware of global climate change and we believe that the cooperation of companies, individuals, society, international and non-governmental organizations is required to tackle climate change. Within the scope of our climate change strategy that we have developed in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement, we aim to keep our carbon emissions at the same level as in 2014 while keep growing. We manage energy and carbon in line with our target to grow with zero increase in carbon emissions. We are working to minimize our greenhouse gas emissions and place great importance on energy efficiency in order to use the world's limited resources as efficiently as possible.

As a result of the energy efficiency investments we have made throughout our factories we have saved 9.3 thousand MWh energy and 950 thousand TL in 2016.

Our efforts and targets have gained momentum since 2014, when we launched our sustainability strategy.

We aim to grow with zero carbon emission increase until 2024.

2024 yılına kadar enerji verimliliği bisküvi tablosu

We target a 25% increase in our energy efficiency until 2024 and commit to decreasing our carbon emissions by 40% by purchasing green energy. Additionally, we plan to produce our own renewable energy by setting up solar panels at some of our appropriate plants.