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Packaging and Waste Management

Key issues requiring management in our industry in terms of environmental impact are the rise in packaging and packaging waste (in line with heightened consumption) as well as the growing amount of waste. We support innovation and a reduction in packaging material, and renew our targets in this area.

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By 2024, we aim to use 20% less paper in carton boxes, 20% less plastic in flexible packaging, and produce 50% less packaging waste. We have achieved a savings of around 2.5 million TL in 2016 with a variety of work like reducing the size of boxes in Dankek products, reducing the thickness of plastic packaging materials and pallet efficiency.

We believe that waste management plays an important role in achieving efficiency in natural resources use and in making sustainable production and consumption habits more widespread.

We reduce our waste through recycling and reuse as much as possible, and strive to attain 100% recycling capacity and Zero Waste to Landfill by 2024. While moving forward towards this goal we recycle more waste each year and send less waste to landfills.

By increasing our recycling rate by 10% compared to 2014 we have raised it to 62%. The amount of waste that is recycled and recovered as a side product has reached 89%.

The rest of our waste is shipped to licensed waste collection companies to be either recycled or used in energy generation. A significant portion of our waste is also recycled as animal feed.