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Management of Natural Resources

When we evaluated the risks and opportunities in our industry, we found natural resource management to be one of the most important sustainability areas in which we needed to take strategic steps. Growth in demand of raw materials and water consumption in the food industry due to the rapid increase in population make sustainability a must. With this philosophy, we have been intensifying our efforts to procure raw materials from sustainable resources. We are working together with suppliers and farmers to make our operations more efficient and to reduce wastage of raw materials and water consumption.

We strive to ensure that agricultural products of Turkey that extend over a wide range from cocoa to wheat, from wheat to hazelnut and vegetable oil, are utilized in industry and continue our efforts in this field with global partnerships.

Doğal Kaynak Yönetimi

We regard water as one of the most important areas in natural resource management and of crucial importance in our sector. As we greatly value the efficient use of water, we target a 30% reduction in water use at our plants in 2024 when we will celebrate our 80th year of foundation. We have taken crucial steps towards this goal since 2014. As a result of our efforts, we reduced water consumption per unit production from 2.21 m3 to 1.88 m3 by 15% and have already reached half our goal.