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Our Environmental Management System

In addition to the quality we ensure in production, with the awareness of our environmental impact, we certify the way we work through international certificates and standards.

All plants have ISO 9001 and ISO 22001 certification and production is conducted in accordance with the internationally accepted food safety standards of the BRC (British Retail Consortium) and the IFS (International Food Safety Standards).

With the Misbis Gıda facility achieving certification in 2016, all our factories have the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. The Topkapı chocolate factory received the ISO 50001 management system and all factories other than the Silivri factory will have ISO 50001 certification in 2017 while we plan to have certification for Silivri in 2018.

Main Rules of The Environmental Management System at Ülker Bisküvi Ltd.



  • We will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to support efforts to combat climate change.
  • We will invest in energy efficient methods and continue to adopt a business model that boosts our global competitive power.
  • We will designate the effective and efficient use of natural resources as the basis for every stage of our value chain and create more value by using fewer natural resources.
  • We will use raw materials and water efficiently and increase recycling.
  • We will minimize our waste and wastewater and improve the quality of our water emissions.
  • We will regularly conduct environmental impact assessments prior to creating new fields of operation.
  • In addition to greenhouse gas emissions we will reduce our other air emissions as well.
  • We will be efficient and sustainable in our production and procurement processes.
  • We will take the life cycle analysis as our basis and produce environmentally friendly products that have the least possible impact on the environment.
  • We will continually increase our environmental performance by measuring our environmental performance on the basis of aims and goals and develop this performance by reporting the results.
  • We will ensure the monitoring and auditing of our environmental policy as part of our environmental management system.
  • We will encourage all our employees and stakeholders to commit to responsible environmental management.
  • We will increase environmental awareness through employee training programs. We will educate our suppliers and support their adoption of efficient environmental management practices.
  • We will take the environment-related policies of suppliers into account during the supplier acceptance and auditing processes.
  • We will seek the support and contributions of our employees, suppliers, customers, board of directors, and all our business partners to reach our goals.