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Biodiversity Policy


As a company that depends on agricultural production, biodiversity has vital importance and the degradation of biodiversity due to human activities poses various risks to our operations. We aim to support healthy ecosystems and the environment while providing safe and nutritious food. This policy is prepared to establish a framework for integrating the protection and promotion of biodiversity into Ülker Bisküvi’s strategy. The commitments outlined below are applicable to our company operations and our supply chain.

  • Integrate biodiversity into the company's strategic and decision-making processes and analyze and manage biodiversity risks.
  • Identify, measure and evaluate the impacts and dependencies of company activities on biodiversity throughout the value chain.
  • Apply mitigation hierarchy (avoid, minimize, restore & offset) when operating in areas in close proximity to critical biodiversity.
  • Avoid operational activities in close proximity to World Heritage areas and IUCN Category I-IV protected areas.
  • No deforestation or conversion of High Conservation Value (HCV) areas, High Carbon Stock (HCS) forests.
  • No peatland destruction regardless of their depth.
  • No burning to clear land for new developments or to re-plant existing developments.
  • Manage and compensate for the negative impacts on the environment, giving priority to nature-based solutions.
  • Participate in the research, conservation and education projects, collaborating with governmental & non-governmental organizations, local communities and other stakeholders on biodiversity issues.