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The Board of Directors and the Disciplinary Board shall work together on violations of ethical principles.

Codes of Conduct are those principles of profit-seeking companies and their employees that they give priority to in the work they perform as well as the responsibilities they assume. This is whether within the company or outside, in their relations with other employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, government organizations, competitors and the society as a whole.

1. Working Culture
  • Ülker Bisküvi treats its suppliers as work partners. It compromises on neither integrity or honesty and remains faithful to the agreements made. It fulfills its responsibilities in contractual business relationships in full and in a timely manner.
  • The “integrity” principle is an integral part of Ülker’s business approach. Relationships that Ülker forms with group companies, employees, customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders and society are based on integrity and honesty.
  • Ülker Bisküvi unconditionally performs its obligations that are required by the laws and codes of conduct. Furthermore, the company holds itself accountable for their enforcement. It ensures the resolution of issues of question, such as violation of the law, regulations, company principles and codes of conduct.
  • Customer-focused operations are an essential part of Ülker’s culture. Ülker Bisküvi believes that the loyalty of its customers is due to the company’s determination to meet its customers’ needs, the superior quality goods and services it provides, and the adherence to its codes of conduct.
2. Social Responsibility Awareness
  • With its social responsibility awareness, Ülker Bisküvi acknowledges that it is the company's duty to contribute to the health, welfare and happiness of the society.
  • Ülker Bisküvi contributes voluntarily to create a better society and environment.
  • In order to increase their awareness of social issues, Ülker Bisküvi encourages its employees to volunteer in social and community support activities.
  • Ülker Bisküvi strives to improve the well-being of children, elderly people, women and the disabled. The company emphasizes its sensitivity to social issues by supporting projects to improve them.
3. Positive Business Relations, Impartiality and Equal Opportunity:
  • Ülker Bisküvi places an importance on respectful behavior in its relations with its employees, customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders and society. It treats all individuals with the respect they deserve.
  • Ülker Bisküvi maintains its impartiality to government agencies and organizations, civil organizations and political parties. It does not expect any preferential treatment.
  • Ülker Bisküvi adheres and respects all the laws, rules and regulations of the Republic of Turkey and human rights.
  • Ülker Bisküvi selects and appoints its representatives, lawyers, mediators and consultants on the basis of their honesty, credibility, impartiality and respect for the law.
  • Ülker Bisküvi avoids relationships, influences and events that may prevent or seem to prevent it from making impartial and fair decisions during the course of business.
  • Ülker Bisküvi gives importance to diversity among its employees, respects their personalities and ensures that all its employees adopt and apply such behaviors.
  • Ülker Bisküvi values its employees’ inputs as opportunities for the improvement of the organization and processes.
  • In line with its business ethics and in order to protect its interests, Ülker Bisküvi informs suppliers explicitly of its purchase terms and conditions, and evaluates all proposals objectively.
  • Ülker Bisküvi pursues equal opportunity in its relations with distributors.
4. Relations with Suppliers and Competitors:
  • Ülker Bisküvi obeys all legislation (law, statue, regulations, and so forth) and provisions of authorized bodies with regards to protecting competition.
  • Ülker Bisküvi does not make any negative statements in the press against its competitors and their managers by mentioning their names.
  • Ülker Bisküvi does not communicate and make arrangements with the competition for boycotting its customers or suppliers.
  • Ülker Bisküvi does not communicate and make arrangements with the competition for issues such as preventing new competitors, fixing product prices, and dividing regions, markets and customers.
  • Ülker Bisküvi never tolerates the accessing other companies’ information by unethical or illegal ways, and prevents its employees from behaving as such. However, the company sees no harm in the use of available public information such as websites, price lists, advertisements, published documents, and so forth.
  • Ülker Bisküvi does not employ the first-degree relatives (spouses, siblings, children, parents) of the competition’s employees in the company’s critical positions.
5. Customer Satisfaction
  • Ülker Bisküvi swiftly resolves any issues in the delivery of products to customers that may arise either from companies or distribution channels. Through this process, the company is accessible and works to prevent unfair treatment of its customers.
  • Ülker Bisküvi strives to exceed customers’ expectations on product quality.
  • Ülker Bisküvi focuses on creating a structure that serves with a sense of local and global customer satisfaction which is consistent with the customs and traditions of the communities in which it operates.
6. Product and Service Quality
  • Ülker Bisküvi achieves its target of rapid and strong growth with its corporate identity by maintaining full protection of our intellectual and industrial property rights. It contributes to development of legal regulations in full compliance to national and international legislation.
  • Ülker Bisküvi conducts its activities according to national quality standards such as TSE and international standards such as ISO, Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services (OHSAS), BRC Global Standards and IFS. The company maintains its quality certificates in cooperation with all its employees.
  • Rapid developments in global food technology introduce new products and inventions that contribute to the well-being of the mankind. As a leading firm, Ülker Bisküvi’s ethical approach is to use such technologies and develop beneficial products that contribute to the lives of individuals and support their well-being.
  • In its products, Ülker Bisküvi does not use any additives that are known to be harmful to human health. All the contents of its products are stated clearly on their packaging.
  • Ülker Bisküvi gives absolute care and attention to health and hygiene controls during the production and marketing processes.
  • Ülker Bisküvi does not offer products or services that might harm and/or mislead its customers and consumers.
7. Employee Rights and Job Safety
  • Ülker Bisküvi ensures that its employees’ personal rights are provided properly, completely and on time.
  • In addition to the company’s competitive strength and business targets, Ülker Bisküvi values personal development of its employees and takes the necessary steps for their empowerment.
  • Ülker Bisküvi provides an efficient and pleasant work environment which is dominated by values such as honesty, consistency, respect, trust and responsibility, and in which employees can express and improve themselves.
  • Ülker Bisküvi encourages its employees to get involved in social activities voluntarily.
  • Ülker Bisküvi takes preventive measures with all the necessary equipment and procedures in order to ensure occupational health and safety.
8. Protection of Shareholders’ Benefits
  • By ensuring compliance with law and reliability, Ülker Bisküvi considers the interests and opinions of its shareholders, observes moral values, avoids speculations, abides by the restrictions brought on by prevailing legislations, and acts in a transparent manner when trading its shares.
  • Ülker Bisküvi makes new investments by taking into account sustainable profitability and manages its existing investments efficiently.
  • In order to protect the company’s reputation and value, Ülker Bisküvi projects and executes its operations in accordance with the law and corporate ethics.
9. Discrimination and Harassment
  • Ülker Bisküvi disapproves of any sexual, social and physical harassment or annoyance of its employees, or of their behaving in a similar manner toward others.
  • Ülker Bisküvi disapproves of the subjection of its employees to psychological harassment such as discrimination, exclusion and intimidation, or of their behaving in a similar manner toward others.
  • Ülker Bisküvi remains impartial to all persons and organizations and does not discriminate on the basis of religion, language, race, gender, culture and opinion. It provides a work environment where differences are tolerated and accepted. Ülker Bisküvi employees are also expected to behave in the same manner.
10. Accuracy of Records
  • Ülker Bisküvi prepares its subsidiaries’ records (e.g. financial statements) accurately, thoroughly and in accordance with related principles and legal rules. It ensures that transactions with external persons or organizations are recorded accurately, timely and in accordance with all the legislation (law, statue and regulations etc.).
  • Ülker Bisküvi employees who attend tender preparations or contract negotiations are responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of all the statements, correspondences and declarations they provide to prospective suppliers.
11. Information Security
  • Just as it protects its intellectual property (such as patents, trade secrets, copyrights, names and brands), Ülker Bisküvi respects the intellectual property rights of its competition.
  • Ülker Bisküvi protects the confidentiality of the data (personal and business) of its suppliers, customers, employees and job applicants.
12. Informing Public Institutions and the Society
  • Ülker Bisküvi does not make false, inaccurate or misleading advertisements and incorrect statements in its sale and marketing operations.
  • Ülker Bisküvi provides accurate, clear and on-time information in all its notifications to its shareholders and the public.
  • In accordance with the intervals that are specified by the legislation, Ülker Bisküvi informs the public about any information, developments or changes which might affect the values of its investment instruments that are traded in the capital market.
  • Ülker Bisküvi communicates with all public institutions properly, clearly and on time.
13. Adherence to Law
  • Ülker Bisküvi conducts its domestic and overseas activities/operations according to national and international legislation. It provides accurate, complete and on-time information to regulatory bodies as determined by the law.
  • Ülker Bisküvi does not get involved in activities such as tax evasion, corruption, bribery, misleading the government in its financial reports etc.
  • Ülker Bisküvi respects the legal norms and social values of the countries in which it operates, and works with an awareness of its social responsibilities.
  • Ülker Bisküvi acts according to all related legislation (law, statue and regulations and so on) when purchasing goods and services from suppliers.
14. Receiving and Giving Gifts
  • Ülker Bisküvi does not offer or receive gifts that goes beyond the purpose of gift-giving and which may place parties in a difficult position (e.g. expensive gifts that might overshadow the impartiality) to companies and their employees with whom the company is in a business relationship.
  • Gifts that are delivered to the company without the knowledge of the recipients are sent to the Promotion Room and the CEO is informed of the situation. Such gifts are distributed to employees by lottery on the New Year’s Eve.
15. Environment
  • Ülker Bisküvi shows utmost care to protect the environment in both its own business and those of its suppliers and work partners.
  • Ülker Bisküvi uses natural resources and energy resources efficiently and prevents their waste.
  • Ülker Bisküvi keeps production waste and pollutants under control and acts according to the related standards (e.g. ISO) and legislation.
  • Ülker Bisküvi explores the possibilities of recycling and reuse and benefits from such research at its plants.
  • Ülker Bisküvi gets involved in different activities to raise the environmental awareness of its employees.
16. Reporting Unethical Behavior
  • Ülker Bisküvi does not participate in activities that prevent the exposure of unethical behavior of its subsidiaries and other persons (natural/legal). It does not cover up any corruption.

These principles apply to any communications with media (including Internet and email), which takes place in and outside the company. It is ensured that employees believe in and adopt these rules morally. Compliance to these rules is monitored. Detected violations are referred to the Disciplinary Committee.