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"Us" Culture

We carry out various projects to ensure the happiness and corporate loyalty of our employees, and try to make our development on the issue permanent because we know that we can always realize applications and work that improves us in a developmental working environment by undertaking these together with happy employees.

Biz Kültürü

Our employees participate in our processes. The “Us” culture is cultivated by our communication with employees that is efficient and far from a hierarchic structure. The tools we develop keep our communication continous. We keep the sharing of information and experience, the transmission of experience, innovation, and the culture of creativity alive through a structure that is not exclusively hierarchical from top to bottom, but also from bottom to top and horizontally interactive. Our applications like Akıl Küpü (Kaizen Ideas), the Youth Platform and Master & Apprentice Meetings are important tools of this constant communication.

Our doors are always open to our employees. We regularly meet with Union representatives and directors, who are our employees, as well as relevant managers as part of our Industrial Relations efforts. We listen to the problems and suggestions of our employees, inform them about key performance indicators (KPI) and together discuss our expectations with regards to our goals as well as our prospective achievements. We provide examples of the good work we do. We thus eliminate the difference between employees and employers, operating with the "us" culture and dispersing good practices within the group. This creates an environment based on trust between employees, as well as between the institution and our employees. Thanks to our Open Door policy, we foster an open and honest feedback mechanism. We report our meetings transparently to the General Manager, Deputy Manager, and to the Holding's Chairmanship of the Board of Directors. This increases the openness of our employees to the "us" culture and towards the open door policy.

We lead in employee loyalty. We are above the average employee loyalty of Turkey and the world thanks to our efforts, projects, and our broad perspective. This also reflects on the duration of employees staying with us. 46% of our employees have been with us for five years or more and 29% have been with us for ten years or more. By reducing our employee turnover rate in line with this to 3.5% by 2024 we plan to reduce the costs required to re-train the trained and expert personnel and reinvest back in our employees what we have saved by hanging on to our employees.

Unionization and collective bargaining agreements are the most fundamental rights of our employees. Our employees have had the right to be a union member since 1 January 1986. All our non-managerial (blue collar) employees, who comprise 90% of our human resources at Ülker Bisküvi, serve as union members. Our blue collar colleagues can use their constitutional right to organize. Our factories where employees have collective bargaining agreements have union rooms with office supplies and the technological infrastructure needed for our employees to have meetings among themselves, express their opinions, and conveniently meet with union directors.

Our differences are our assets. As of 2016 we are one big family with 6,020 members, 1/3 of which are female employees. All opinions, beliefs, ideas, and thoughts are met with respect at Ülker Bisküvi. Hundreds of our employees with diverse lifestyles have the opportunity to work in a free environment. It is one of our priorities to create a work environment where women have equal and fair working conditions.

On the way to a learning organization, we make personal development continuous. We place importance on the personal and vocational development of our employees with the goal of being a company that constantly develops talents and skills, renews itself and learns. With this perspective we see the challenges we meet as opportunities to learn and our units draw lessons from these challenges to strengthen our knowledge, skills, and systems. Regular training constitutes an important part of this process. With the budget we reserve for training our employees can take training without number limitation. We increased our training per employee by 30% compared to last year by moving the average to 22 hours.

In line with our commitment to operate in accordance with our Code of Conduct and fundamental human rights, we launched our Human Rights Policy in 2016. The policy is based on the principles of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the International Labor Organization. The human rights policy has been translated to the languages of the operation regions in order to be understood by all stakeholders.

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