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Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct, which guides our rules of co-working, as well as our behavior and principles under the roof of Ülker Bisküvi, illustrates our superior work ethics from past to present. The value we add to society and the economy frames our work principles, which in turn is determined by our code of conduct.

We never consider the ethics governing our relations with our shareholders, consumers, employees and society separately from the work we do. On the contrary, we must remember that these are the rules that complete our work and support all of our targets and activities.

We are launching online training on all issues covered under the Code of Conduct including anti-corruption and countering bribery in order to ensure our employees get good knowledge of our ethical principles and adopt them.

Our code of conduct training including anti-corruption and countering bribery subjects were completed by 385 employees in 2016. Within the year 216 of our suppliers and contracted company representatives also completed the code of conduct course for the first time.

We are committed to make sure that not only our employees but also our suppliers adopt our ethical principles and code of conduct. Although we do not use agencies at Ülker Bisküvi, we terminate our business contracts with consultants, distributors and suppliers in case of a violation of our ethical principles.

Furthermore, we are conducting preliminary assessments when choosing new suppliers in order to ensure issues that may potentially conflict with our ethical principles.

All notifications concerning codes of conduct can be submitted via the address.

We act in compliance with codes of conduct and basic human rights in all of our operations. In 2016 we created our Ülker Bisküvi Human Rights Policy based on the OECD Multi National Companies Guideline Principles and the International Labor Organization principles in light of our own work principles. The human rights policy has been translated into all the languages of the countries we operate in. The implementation of our human rights policy is under the responsibility of the Code of Conduct Board.

We have determined our corporate sustainability goals in line with global sustainability development goals. With our 2024 goals we also provide our support to reaching the United National Sustainable Development Goals that are a guideline for the global sustainable development agenda. We contribute to reaching global goals, especially concerning the Climate Act, Responsible Production and Consumption, Accessible and Clean Energy, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Ending Famine and Business and Economic Growth Becoming to Humans.

We monitor our sustainability performance on a regular basis, identify fields of improvement and continue to strive to reach our goals