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Our Commitments

Ülker Bisküvi 2024 Targets*


  • Growth with zero carbon emission increase,
  • Reduction of water use by 30% per unit production,
  • Zero waste to landfills through 100% recycling,
  • Improve energy efficiency by 25%,
  • Reduction of carbon emission by 40% per unit production,
  • Reduction of packaging returns by 50%,
  • Install solar panels on the roofs of eligible plants,
  • Achieve Green Building standard for the Gebze Plant
  • Diminishing environmental impact of the products through lifecycle assessment studies

Value Chain

  • Halving the amount of returned raw materials and packaging
  • Halving the quarantine or destruction rate of finished products


  • Reduction in the use of plastics for our flexible packages by 20%
  • Reduction in the use of paper by 20% for our parcels and boxes at Ülker Bisküvi.


  • Increasing training hours per person by approximately 40%.
  • Reducing employee turnover rate to 3.5%.
  • Increasing employee satisfaction to 85%.
  • Zero occupational accident
  • Increasing the unionization rate to 100%

Social Responsibility

  • 8,000 fewer tons of saturated fat in all bakery products
  • 3,000 fewer tons of saturated fat in all chocolate products
  • 20% fewer complaints in sales and distribution channels


  • To continue cooperating in public health and future projects with organizations which are leader in their field

* Reference year for targets is 2014.