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Our Sustainability Principles

Our Employees:

Our employees are the key link of Ülker Bisküvi's sustainability practices. We know that we can only achieve success through the joint efforts of all of our employees. Our personal differences are met with respect, and we strive towards the same goal as a single team. We put people at the center and provide the necessary environment for new talent to flourish. We avoid a hierarchical structure in our internal communications and give each of our employees the value they deserve.

Value Chain:

We follow the best practices in the industry we operate and aim to do better. We assist all stakeholders in the value chain to meet their basic needs and we walk together with farmers and producers in particular. We blend our company's values with the values of the sustainable society and complement them in our working practices.

Social Responsibility:

We place priority on a healthy and active life style and inform all consumers as well as other stakeholders in a transparent manner on the issue. We support a healthy society, make life easy, and focus on making it simpler.


We act responsibly with the knowledge of being a leader in the sector. Determined to succeed and hardworking, we put our heart into everything we do, and reach our targets. We follow global developments, make the rules, and provide transformative leadership in an innovative and unique way.


We strive to be the best in our fields of operation. We seek to present the best before our competition by working hard and transcending ourselves. By internalizing our company values and respectful competition approach we constantly create value for all our stakeholders and investors.

The Environment:

We lead change and embrace new and different ideas. We can take the necessary steps for environmental sustainability; we have thoroughly internalized operational efficiency and excellence with zero-waste, carbon-neutral operations, sustainable water management, and raw material procurement.

Ülker Bisküvi executes its sustainability practices under the guidance of Yıldız Holding's vision of sustainability and sustainability principles and with a unique approach to Ülker Bisküvi.