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Management Approach

Building on the sustainability vision and principles of Yıldız Holding, with an approach unique to Ülker Bisküvi, we established the Ülker Bisküvi Sustainability Platform as part of our sustainability efforts.

The platform is responsible for generating long-term value under the Ülker Bisküvi roof; determining the necessary strategy, policy, and targets to manage risks resulting from economic, environmental, and social factors including climate change. Sustainability Platform Coordinator provides the coordination between platform and the business units.

The platform concentrates its efforts on efficient use of resources and sustainable product options and draft recommendations by assessing their impact of Ülker Bisküvi’s products and services on climate change, environment and community.

In addition, the Sustainability Platform is responsible for communication of our sustainability policies, strategy and objectives with all stakeholders and conducts trainings in this context.

The platform also audits the execution of sustainability actions, reporst to the Board of Directors and updates and follows up on the sustainability strategy and objectives of the Board of Directors.